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Promises to Yourself

One of my clients was telling me about a Tik Tok he saw posted by Ed Mylett.

And no, I am not on TikTok, which is why my clients need to tell me about posts they see. LOL. #AlmostForty #NotAMillenial

Ed Mylett is an author and an entrepreneur and he spoke about self-confidence.

He starts by saying, “Someone with self-confidence is really someone who keeps promises to themselves”.

He talks about self-confidence being your own reputation with yourself. If you know you can trust yourself, you’re less likely concerned about your external reputation or what others think about you.

Whether it’s following through with your meal prep on a Sunday when you’d rather just chillax, or sticking to your fitness program and getting your ass to the gym on training days, or simply doing laundry when you told yourself that you were going to get it done, think about the promises you keep to yourself.

Have you ever thought about how keeping promises to yourself might affect your self-confidence?

What promises do you want to follow through on?

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