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Nutrition and Mindset Coach teaching a virtual lesson

My 3 Pillars of Coaching


Accountability combined with consistency are a match made in transformation heaven. Some of the greatest personal transformation successes I have seen are by clients who are consistently accountable for their actions and choices on a daily basis.

All of my coaching packages incorporate daily and weekly accountability touch points in order to drive self-awareness and mindful decision making.

Lifestyle Integration & Balance

I believe that a sustainable physical transformation is grounded in your ability to incorporate new habits, actions, and behaviours into your existing lifestyle.

Making lifestyle changes is hard at the best of times so if you can't integrate changes in a way that feels balanced and repeatable with minimal effort, then those changes will never stick.  In my experience with hundreds of clients, I have never once seen lasting results with restrictive or fad diets. 

In fact, most people come to me when those diets fail and they don't know what else to do.

All of my coaching packages are designed to integrate as seamlessly as possible into your existing daily life.  Progressively layering in changes over time is, observably, the best way to achieve lasting results.   


I don't coach for short term results.  I coach for sustainable lifestyle & mindset change.

My goal is to provide you with the strategies, knowledge, and practice that allow you to continue to thrive long beyond our time working together.

All of my coaching packages are designed with long-term sustainability in mind.  I want you to be able to walk away from your coaching experience feeling completely confident in the necessary steps required for your continued progress.

This what I hear ALL THE TIME on consult calls:

  • I feel like I am stuck in the all-or-nothing mindset of being "on a diet" or "off a diet"... I don't want to be on a diet anymore!

  • I have tried all the diets - Keto, Paleo, Intermittent Fasting - and nothing lasted because nothing was sustainable

  • I don't know the best way to reach my goals

  • I am frustrated when I follow a plan but don't see results... but I don't know if it's not working because I didn't commit to it or because it's not the right plan for me

  • I am confused by the over-abundance of nutrition and fitness gurus on social media and I don't know what information to believe on the internet

  • I feel like the only way to lose fat is to restrict myself from all the things that I love

  • I am getting older and my body is changing... the things that used to work for me don't work anymore​

  • I'm frustrated when I look in the mirror because I want my body to be different but I don't know what I need to change to make that happen

I hear endless diatribes that all come down to being fed up, frustrated, and overwhelmed with how the hell to get your body to do the thing that you want it to do.


The G.R.I.T Method

​I designed the G.R.I.T Method in order to address...well... basically ALL of the frustrations listed above. 


The outcome is a place where you are happy with your body and comfortable in your skin; you are eating the food that you love; you have increased self-awareness of how nutrition, exercise, and mindset all impact your body; you have the confidence to live the lifestyle you've dreamed of but never thought you could have.

Here's what the G.R.I.T Method is all about:

Generate Awareness About Current Habits, Behaviours, &. Mindsets

In this phase, you will increase your awareness and understanding of your unique daily practices and perceptions that have contributed to you not being able to reach your goals…yet.

Restore Your Metabolism and Reset Your Mindsets

This phase focuses on restoring metabolic and hormonal homeostasis… in other words, restoring balance in the body.  This is a critical step for being able to execute a successful fat loss phase.  Further, we will explore strategies for resetting mindsets about nutrition, fitness, and yourself.

Identify New Impactful Mindsets and Accelerate Fat Loss

As we move into a caloric deficit phase, we will establish mindset practices that reinforce the importance of balance, consistency, and sustainability both in daily living and the achievement of long term goals.  In this phase, we will focus on achieving fat loss while maintaining strength, energy, and vitality.

THRIVE as you Integrate the ‘New You’ into a Sustainable Lifestyle

After a successful fat loss phase, we will focus on re-establishing your new caloric maintenance level and integrating the new strategies you’ve adopted into a lifelong way of living.  


What can I say?  I love helping people!  Cruise over to ‘Success Stories’ and have a look at what some of my amazing clients have to say.

Or reach out… I’d love to connect and chat about how we can work together to get you looking and feeling amazing.

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