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Success Stories

Results matter… and not just the number on the scale, or the before and after photos.


“RESULTS” cover a broad range – increased self-confidence, improved body image, cultivating a body-positive mindset, a better relationship with food, feelings of empowerment and control, and more.

Check out the success stories from some of the amazing people that I’ve worked with…

Triathlete smiling and getting ready to start a race

I consulted with Kat last year, and the results have been great! She took her knowledge and experience and totally changed the way I view fuelling up. At first, it seemed counter intuitive to eat more and reach your goals, but I did, and I hit all my targets. The best lesson I learned was accountability, eating the macros my body needs, rather than eating out of boredom or depression. Kat is the best, I owe her a lot. Since working with Kat, I have lost an additional 15 lbs. and set my personal best Ironman time of 14:08:16. 

- Keith

Happy woman standing in the forest looking at the sky while hiking

In May 2019, I decided that it was time to start exercising more. I made some changes to my nutrition and my workouts,  but my weight was slowly started increasing. I was rather uncomfortable being at that weight even though I was fairly happy with how I looked. A good friend of mine was working with Kat at the time and highly recommended her so I booked an appointment!  Kat is magic in a human. 

- Denise

Fit woman smiling and hiking in the mountains

I’ve been working with Kat since March 2019. Right from the beginning Kat has been very positive and supportive. She has held me accountable by checking in with me weekly, asked me for progress pictures and adjusted my nutrition to help me continue to make progress. She has also helped me with how to prepare for competition which has been very beneficial. I feel making my nutrition a priority has made a huge difference with my workouts! I’ve really enjoyed working with Kat and would recommend her to anyone looking for support with their nutrition!

- Christina

Strong woman wearing a beautiful skirt and tank top flexing muscles in front of the ocean

I’ll start off by saying that Kat is probably one of the most caring, genuine, approachable, and personable people that I’ve had the pleasure of knowing and working with. I’ve known Kat for a number of years through the CrossFit community and her energy and positivity is so contagious!!

I reached out to Kat at the beginning of 2019 in hopes I’d find something, someone, who would be able to help me maintain a healthy relationship with food while being able to perform at what I’m passionate at doing.

- Lex

Young woman wearing sunglasses smiling and standing on a beach

Kat helped me work through issues that I had wanted to work on for a while, but was unsure of how to go forward and afraid of what might happen. Her support and experience helped me take a leap and the results were better than expected. My main goal was to become less dependant on macro tracking as it started to control me and it interfered with the experiences I had with family, events, etc. In only two months time, I went from being terrified to stop tracking because of what might happen to my body and my fitness, to now not feeling that I need to start tracking again because my experience with not tracking was so positive. I am appreciative of Kat’s ability to listen to complex thoughts, and to then help both explore and act on them. 

- Kaylee

Fit man carrying kids bikes and smiling

Working with Kat has be a truly life changing decision for me. I have seen massive performance gains since starting to work with her. All the small well explained changes have worked wonders. My outlook on food and living a active healthy lifestyle has changed dramatically over the last year we have worked together. She has helped me learn how to deal with my daily stress involving food and   How I view myself a whole. I would whole heartedly  recommend Kat for anyone looking to improve their over all quality of life and I look forward to what comes in the future. We aren’t finished yet!!!

- Derek

Fit woman boxing and throwing a punch

Training in two different sports that are very taxing on my body, I knew I needed to eat more, but didn't know what and when to eat. My google searches always brought up something different to try, with no results.

I was tired, injured, and training at barely half of my capacity. I was sick of this "good enough" mentality I had with my training sessions and meal prepping so I decided to reach out to Kat for some help.

- Dawn

Wonder woman shirt

Right from the very beginning, working with Kat has been like catching up with an old friend. She asked specific and precise questions to ensure I was ready to meet my goals and fine tuned my meals and daily macros to match and increase my performance levels. She is easy to meet and chat with, flexible when necessary, and provided me with the macro layout and mental support necessary to make and stay with my nutrition changes. She is everything a nutrition coach should be: friendly, supportive, experienced, consistent, efficient, and informed.

- Merida

Fit man wearing a toque standing in front of the sign for Taman Kinabalu

Thanks again for everything, Kat.  I think it’s important for you to know and understand that your works makes a huge difference to those who are willing to participate in your challenge.  

I must say that participating in this [Nutrition, Lifestyle, and Mindset] challenge has really changed my outlook on what I’m capable of doing. 

- Tom

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