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How to Work Your Ass Off to Build a Great Plan

"Step up your self reflection…

It's easy to feel motivated to put the work in when life is good.

Or when you're in that moment and you can visualize an epic outcome.

Or when you're describing the outcome to a friend or spouse and you're getting all hyped up on how AMAZING it's going to be.

But how All-In are you going to feel when you are down in the shit?

If you can develop a strategy for yourself so that you can progress when you ARE down in the shit, then chances are pretty good you will be able to execute that, no problem, when all is well and things are good.

You might also build up some self-confidence by proving that you ARE able to execute the steps, no matter how small.

Confidence drives motivation. Confidence builds pride. Pride and motivation fuel progress.

It's not always about working your ass off to make the plan work.

Maybe try to focus more on building a great plan so that you don't have to work your ass off quite as hard."

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