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How to Get Off Track in 20 Seconds


It takes only 20 seconds of additional required effort to prevent you from completing a task, even if you desire the outcome from that completed task.

It doesn't even matter if the "effort" isn't really effort at all... just a small thing that you have to do, BEFORE you do that actual thing.

Perfect example: Eating carrots 🥕🥕🥕🥕

I love farmers market carrots. They are sweet. They are crunchy. They are enough to make me choose that instead of a pantry snack.

Unless I have to peel them. It's annoying to have to peel them. It takes an annoying extra 20 seconds to peel a carrot.

It's annoying enough that if I had the choice between going into the fridge, getting the carrot out of the crisper, and peeling the carrot, I might choose the cupcake sitting in the Tupperware container on the counter in plain sight just because it's easier.

What I SHOULD do, is pre-peel the carrots and set them in a bowl on the counter, and move the cupcake into the pantry. And just like that, I have placed the carrots in the path of least resistance.

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