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Failures Leading to Successes

Tim Ferris is an author, among many other things, known for his long format interviews specializing in finding the habits, routines, and practices of top performers in their field.

From neuroscientists and surgeons, to burlesque dancers, psychedelic researchers, and actors…

Tim has interviewed thousands of individuals and has put them into two books, Tools of Titans and Tribe of Mentors. Both books I highly recommend reading.

Social media is the highlight reel. We hear it all the time, but it really does bear repeating. On social media, we see only the finished product… the result of hours, months, and even years of hard work and we forget about the process behind it.

One of Tim’s favourite questions to ask is, “What is a mistake or “failure” that has led to a success?”

Reach out to the people around you… those who you admire or strive to be on their level.

Take time to reflect on your own mistakes or “failures” that have led to successes for you.

Also the use of the quotation marks around the word ‘failure’ is completely intentional. Failures ALWAYS seem like failures in the moment but the best of the best turn their failures into an opportunity to improve… to learn… to be better… to grow.

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