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Challenge Success Stories

love running challenges.

They are an excellent form of accountability and a great way to focus on making small changes in order to make a positive impact.

I always make sure to prioritize the theme of “Sustainability above everything else”.

I don't see a point in doing a challenge if you can't apply the things you've learned into daily life.

These are a few body composition changes that I witnessed over the last 8 weeks.

And this isn’t all of them! So many people had great success.

And 🚨 NEWSFLASH🚨, not a single challenge participant was perfect. Not a single person hit their targets every day.

But these people showed up and put the work in.

There were also challengers who didn’t see a body composition change, but saw great improvements in biofeedback: energy levels, physical performance, better sleep, control over eating habits, better digestion, reduced cravings.

Make sure you don’t pigeonhole your success to be defined by just one thing. Have an open mind about the potential positive changes that can come from a challenge environment.

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