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You Can Always Do Something

Sometimes life comes at you fast, hard. It can give you a swift reality check that brings you down from the clouds when things are going really well!

Thank GOODNESS, we don’t take the hard punches every day, but still, life is unpredictable.

You’re tired, the dog throws up on the carpet after you’ve had rough night’s sleep, your baby poops and it flies up their back like a bug against a windshield while you’re trying to cook dinner and the water is boiling over and Alexa is turning up “It’s All Coming Back to Me” because it hears you screaming “IT’S ALL UP HER BACK!”.

It may not feel like it, but believe me, in times like these, there is always something you can do when it comes to your fitness and nutrition. Whether it’s baby poop, dog vomit, being tired, loads of paperwork, a grumpy partner… you can always do something.

Your feelings may not be a choice, but your thoughts and behaviours are.

You can still go to the gym if you’re tired, you can still be polite to people when you’ve had a bad day, you can still eat your prepped food when you’d rather down a whole pizza.

You always have a choice. You are in control. You can always do SOMETHING.

Figure out what that something is and try turning it into a baby step. Something to help you gain back a small shred of confidence that your entire week isn’t doomed because of one bad day.

Get yourself out of the “I will start again on Monday” mindset.

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