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Struggling With Body Image? Check Out This Article.

I am a CrossFit athlete.

Well… usually…

At the moment, I don’t think anyone feels like much of an athlete at all. So many athletes who can’t compete... gymnasts who can’t do gymnastics, hockey players who can’t play hockey, ringette players who can’t play ringette, and CrossFitters, my best of friends, who can’t do CrossFit.

At the moment, I feel like a lot of us spend time looking in the mirror, seeing our bodies change…. A little extra fluff here and there.

I spoke to a good friend, a chiropractor, yesterday who said that they are seeing a “shape problem” with patients coming into the clinic. 😂

So many of us are used to being motivated by others in the gym or on our sports teams, but now we are more sedentary than every.

As if life isn't already challenging, battling negative body image certainly doesn’t help with keeping a positive mindset.

I really enjoyed reading this article from @Boxrox - 6 Inspiring Messages from Female CrossFit Athletes for Anyone that Struggles with their Body Image.

Even if you aren’t familiar with these high level female CrossFit competitors, it’s a good reminder that even the top tier struggle with body image.

You and me and all the other “average” women might look at the women in this article and scoff, “what do THEY have to complain about when it comes to their bodies?”… but if you feel that way, I believe you are missing the point.

Your perceptions of your own body is heavily influenced by those around you. If society and social media and North American culture didn’t tell you that thin is beautiful, would you still look in the mirror and believe that you need to be different in order to be worthy?

Comparison destroys body-acceptance. It’s true for us and it’s true for top tier athletes. Everyone faces criticism. It’s easy to forget that. It’s not just you and me. You aren’t alone.

Have a cruise through the article. It’s a good read that might give you a little motivational boost.

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