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Reasons to Hire a Coach

“6 great reasons to hire a coach in 2021 - And three even better reasons not to"

I love that this article doesn't just talk about why you SHOULD hire a coach, but also why you SHOULD NOT.

And it absolutely nails it.

Coaches don't solve your problems for you. They don't help you with deep-seeded psychological issues. And they aren't simply a wise friend.

Coaches ask questions in order to lead you to your own answers.

Coaches present options to consider how to navigate through the Wonderful and/or the Challenging.

Coaches can help you get unstuck from a place that you just can't quite figure your way out of.

Coaches can help direct thoughts that fluster the brain.

Coaches talk through the “what’s next?” with you so that you can generate forward momentum.

So many good things can come from working with a coach.

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