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Kat Says Relax

We’re a month into the new year. How’re you feelin’?

Are you still “WOOHOO! New Year, New Me!”?

Are you still “I’m going to NAIL my nutrition this year, no questions asked!”?

Ooooooor… is the pressure mounting already?

Putting pressure on yourself to complete a finite task CAN be really effective. Light a fire under your ass and get it done! ✅ it off the list! Feel proud and accomplished!

Nutrition isn’t like that. Putting excess pressure on yourself to “eat well” and “dial in your nutrition”… that sh!t just doesn’t work. Pressure causes anxiety, anxiety causes overwhelm, overwhelm causes stress, stress leads to poor nutrition choices, which leads to feeling defeated and wanting to throw in the towel.

Sound about right?

Do you need a Ross shirt?

I got my own.

Go put on Good Vibrations, jam to Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch, belt out those lyrics, and feel those vibrations. Put on that gangster rap on your 7 PM drive to the drugstore because you have acid reflux after eating something acidic for dinner, or passionately sing Celine Dion into your hairbrush mic while getting ready in the morning.

It’s goofy, you might feel silly, and you also might need the release.

Let out some of that energy, reset mentally to a mindset of consistency and sustainability, not perfection and self-pressure.

You are doing your best. Take a breath.


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