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All or Nothing

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

Most people fall into all or nothing thinking at some point.

All or nothing is thinking in absolutes, like “always”, “never”, or “every”.

I “always” bail on my diets, I “never” stick with them.

Coming from the holidays into the new year, do you flip back to rigidity as a way of tricking yourself into thinking you are “serious this time”… you are committed?

Having a balanced approach with a middle ground leads to success FAR MORE than an all-or-nothing mindset will.

“I’ll have a couple of chocolates after dinner” vs “I’m never having any chocolates or sweets again”.

Because what happens when you get too rigid? You will have the opposite rigid reaction and eat the whole box of chocolates! (Those Turtles will get you; they have gotten me many times… little pricks).

Try to create long term, sustainable habits. Enjoying some chocolate or having a few chips because you enjoy them is a balanced approach that you can sustain over a lifetime.

You can have the things you enjoy without the stress of the ups and downs of rigid thinking.

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