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Your Metabolism - The OG Activity Tracker

These days, there is NO shortage of numbers to track if you are seeking physical transformation. ESPECIALLY in the age of “smart scales” and wearable activity trackers like Whoop, Fitbit, and Apple activity monitors You’ve got Calories, macros, total body weight, body fat percentage, body mass index. You’ve got your wearable technology giving you your rate of recovery, and your total daily caloric output, and how many hours you slept, and giving you recommendations on your suggested daily exertion level.

It is mind blowing that we live in an age where all of this technology is available to us… LITERALLY at our fingertips. No question, there is some valuable data to be considered.

But… the more numbers available to us, the less likely we are to focus on another VERY important aspect. How do you FEEL?

Your body monitor might give you a certain sleep rating but do you feel rested when you wake up? Or does it feel like a struggle to get out of bed in the morning?

Your body monitor might tell you that you need to push harder in your workouts based on a recommended exertion level, but how are your energy levels in your workout? Do you FEEL like you have the energy to push harder? Or is that extra gear just not there.

Are you feeling more positive about what you’re seeing in the mirror and how you feel day to day but the number on the scale brings you down because it’s not reflecting the changes you are seeing and FEELING?

Are you feeling hungry even though your activity tracker says you are eating more calories than you are burning?

Here’s the thing… while the numbers can provide valuable data points to consider, they are not the be all end all in your transformation.

Your body is an INCREDIBLE machine. It is the OG activity tracker… that’s what your metabolism DOES! The more in tune you can be with how your body FEELS and the more you can train yourself to pay attention to the cues it provides you on a daily basis, the better you can work with your body through a healthy and sustainable transformation.

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