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You're Not That Special

Ummmm Sorry, but you're not that special.

With 7.8 billion people in the world, "the world" has other things to worry about.

But this is a mindset. I've been there. How many times have you yelled in your car "UUUUGGGH!! Why do I ALWAYS hit the yellow lights when I'm late!!!"

Many many many times.

The truth is that you don't. You don't ALWAYS hit the yellow lights when you're late.

You ARE hyper-aware of when that happens, which makes you believe that it happens all the time.

But what if you start paying attention, with intention, to all of the times that you make a series of green lights when you are running late? I guarantee that you will notice it happens just as often as you hit the yellow lights.

Why does this matter?

This isn't just about green, yellow, and red traffic lights.

This is a pattern of thinking. The more you reinforce a negative mindset, the more effective you will be at reinforcing the negative mindset.

This will translate far beyond traffic lights. This mindset can creep into relationships, parenting, work, and beyond.

Start LOOKING for the good.

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