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Worth a Listen: Huberman Lab - Science of Mindsets

If you are curious how mindset plays into actions, behaviours, habits, thoughts, feelings, motivation, and goals, then LISTEN TO THIS PODCAST.

There is so much good stuff in there, I need to listen to it twice.

To me, it reaffirmed that asking yourself, ”What is my mindset about ______?” is a very powerful question.

Do you see exercise as a necessary evil? Or do you see it as a stress reliever?

Do you see veggies as an optional part of nutrition? Or does it seem odd when you have a meal without veggies?

Do you see food as energy for your body? Or do you see it as a reward for specific actions and/or behaviour?

You’ve got a mindset about EVERYTHING. So it is super interesting to listen to a doctor and researcher who has the cold, hard facts, based on SCIENCE, about how you can use mindset to propel you forward. I will definitely be digging into more of Dr. Alia Crum’s research!

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