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Working on Mindset Can Improve Physical Results

Your thoughts, beliefs, perceptions, expectations, stories, social interactions, strengths, weaknesses, resilience, and mindfulness ALL play a role in what happens to your body’s physical state of wellbeing.

Your mental game has the potential to help you thrive through small yet significant building blocks for your mindset.

It also has a potentially cascading effect if you refuse to commit time and energy to understanding how and why your mental game impacts progress forward,

You want to lose body fat (physical) - ask why (mental).

You want to look good in a bikini (physical) - ask why (mental).

You want to have bigger muscles (physical) - ask why (mental).

You want to fit into your skinny pants (physical) - ask why (mental).

Asking why isn’t about being critical of your goals. It’s about a higher level of awareness about what drives change for you. And that’s what keeps you going when you face challenges, failure, frustration, and plateaus.

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