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Why Your Morning Routine Matters

Why does it MATTER how you start your day? Because every day is a new beginning. A reset. A fresh start.

Here’s why these things matter to me:

💦 There are literally hundreds of reasons why staying hydrated improves how your body functions. By drinking a BIG bottle of water before anything else, I get a jump start on my hydration. I fill my bottle the night before and put it next to the coffee machine. I don’t think, I just chug. Only then is it coffee time.

🙏🏼 It’s easy to get swept into the day. To immediately start grumbling about kid pick-ups and drop-offs, the weather, the traffic, the work, the money, the dinner… so first, reflect on something AWESOME in your life. Choose to be thankful for that dose of awesome.

💊 If I don’t take my vitamins in the morning, I will not remember later. Period. If I take them with my big bottle of water, it’s done and it’s just one more thing that I don’t have to be frustrated about later on that I forgot to do it.

🍳 It can be tough to get enough protein in a day. I always always always have a source of protein at breakfast. It keeps me full for longer, it helps with building muscle, and it tastes delicious.

🐶 Quick puppy snuggles fill the soul. My dog loves me no matter what. I love his ears. I love his goldie smile. It’s a moment when I am thinking about nothing other than his furry squishy face. Don’t discount the importance of moments like this, where the the weight of anything in your life disappears.

Find ways to start your day in the best way possible.

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