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Why Your Hurtful Words Are Harmful To Yourself

"Me to someone else: ""I totally understand. Eating well can be challenging, especially with everything that's going on. If you ever need to talk, then let me know. I'm always here to listen. We all make mistakes.”

Me to Me: “You idiot. Stop being stupid and making these mistakes. You don't need the damn cookie. And yet you just had three. You're the worst.”


Why is it so much easier to be nicer to others than it is to be nice to yourself?

Self compassion isn't about making excuses for your mistakes.

It's about acknowledging that mistakes make you human. It's about acknowledging the emotions attached to those mistakes. It's about understanding that you don't live your life in a vacuum and acknowledging that factors outside of our control play a role in your ability to move forward.

It's far easier to develop a strategy for yourself when you can also show yourself the same kindness you might show someone close to you.

It allows for creativity and productivity rather than shame and judgment.

It allows you to ask yourself ""why didn't that work?"" rather than ""what's wrong with you?”.

Which one do you think will be more motivating?"

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