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Why Mindset Work is so Critical

"This is what I tell my clients about mindset work when they start a coaching program with me…

“I bet you have no problem making a better nutritional choice between these options: broccoli or a chocolate bar/bag of chips/glass of wine. And yet, after a long, hard day when you feel exhausted and stressed, which option are you more likely to choose? This is why we do mindset work.”

Mindset work varies based on the person.

The purpose is to identify and understand emotional and mental drivers for why we eat the things that we do, in specific circumstances, and to use that knowledge to make positive and sustainable changes to daily habits and behaviours to support overall goals.

This work is critical because current habits and behaviours are usually deep-rooted in longstanding routine. It's possible those habits and behaviours have been around for years so making sustainable change won't happen overnight.

They also might not change just because you desire them to be different. Our brains are funny that way. Which explains why we say one thing and then turn around and do the complete opposite.

Put the mindset work in and you will see the difference over time."

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