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Which Button Do You Wear?

Imagine if you wore buttons like these based on how you talk about yourself. And how you think about yourself. And how you feel about yourself.

What if your less-than-desirable labels, like those in pic 1️⃣, were out there for all to see?

It can be very difficult to let go of the labels you have given yourself… those labels that you carry around with you.

Thankfully, we are incredible and multi-dimensional human beings! We can BE more than one thing at one time!

What if you added a button from pic 2️⃣ next to your button from pic 1️⃣?

What if you gave them equal time on your coat lapel?

What if, some days, you take off the pic 1️⃣ button and just sport the pic 2️⃣ button.

Because you can, you know?

Practice feeling empowered by giving yourself a positive label like - EATS TO THRIVE.

You can still hang onto to your “RUNS LIKE RHINO” button. But stick it in a drawer. Maybe if you don’t remind yourself of it every day, you can take away the power that it has over you.

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