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When it Comes to Achieving Your Goals, Don't Confuse Motion with Action

I recently read an amazing book called Atomic Habits, by James Clear.

He talks about the difference between 'MOTION' and 'ACTION'.

I do my best to take away as much as possible from any book that I read, although there are usually just a few points that truly stick with me... and THIS was on of them.

As this point relates to Nutrition, Lifestyle, and Mindset, here are some examples of MOTION:

~ Flagging new recipes to make on Instagram

~ Making a Pinterest board with workouts to try

~ Creating a Vision Board

~ Mapping out a route for a run

~ Researching grocery stores that carry organic products

~ Highlighting key messages in self-help books

~ Subscribing to an e-newsletter on good nutrition

Do you see a common theme here? These are all motions that we might go through to make ourselves FEEL like we are making progress.

We think 'Look at me! I'm finally taking steps to improve my (insert goal here)'.

But if the motion is all we do, then how much progress are we actually making?

We need to follow up the motion with ACTION. Here's what that looks like:

~ Buying ingredients and making the recipes you flagged on Instagram

~ Going to the gym and doing the workouts you pinned to your Pinterest board

~ Create an actionable item relating to a specific goal on your Vision Board

~ Timing yourself on your run that you have mapped out

~ Visiting the grocery store you found that carries organic products

~ Converting key messages from your self-help book into strategies that you can execute

~ Implementing ideas from the e-newsletter you subscribed to about good nutrition

Next time your catch yourself in motion, stop and ask "How can I convert this motion into action?"

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