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What do you say about yourself to others?

I am… Iron Man, Groot, Legend, Inevitable, Taking the Stairs, A Runner…

I know you’ve heard this “How you talk to yourself greatly influences your behaviours”.

So, if you engage in positive self-talk, you’ll be more positive. And if you engage in negative self-talk, you’ll be more negative.

Do you ever feel like you want to throat punch the person telling you this? I have. (Wanted to… not actually done the throat punching.)

Throat punch or not, the reality is that this self-talk relates back to your identity. Who ARE you? What do you say about yourself? To others or to yourself?

I have clients who joke, “Oh, that’s a thing only fit people do”. Hell, I even joke, “I’m a rhino, I only run for short bursts”. Rhinos, after all, don’t run marathons. At least, I don’t feel like they would really enjoy it. Much like myself. Anyways… moving on.

I’m not going to tell you that you MUST do this on EVERY occasion.

I’m simply going to challenge you to do this in situations that are tough for you.

Hate taking the stairs? Try taking a top-down approach to your thinking in this moment. “Ok, a person who is losing weight would…” and see what you decide.

At the same time, this approach can also provide you with balance. “Ok, an exhausted person would…”. Sometimes you just need to cut yourself some slack and take the elevator, other times you want to take the stairs because you know it’ll benefit you.

Put yourself in the mindset of the person you want to be when deciding on which direction to take your next action.

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