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What Are You Willing To Give Up To Make A Change?

"I'm pretty sure it's impossible to work towards a specific goal without sacrificing something or compromising something…

It might be a big sacrifice. It might be a small compromise.

Time. Energy. Sleep. Connection. Socializing. Money. Security. Comfort. Employment. Relaxation. Family. Friendship.

The idea, of course, is that you are giving up something in the short run to gain something more in the long run.

Or maybe you give up something in the long run that you realize is just not as important as something else. Perhaps there is something else that has a higher value for you.

It all comes down to your willingness to give that thing up.

This is a very important question to ask yourself.

Because when it comes to goals, we all want what we want. But that's not a determiner of success. You can want something more than anything else in the world, but if you don't make choices and take action, then the “pursuit"" of your goal begins and ends with desire.

A determiner of success is the willingness to sacrifice or compromise the things that are in the way of achieving your goal.

And you know what? It's OK if you don't feel willing to give something up.

There's more than one way to work towards a goal."

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