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The Importance of Setting Boundaries

Setting boundaries is a life skill. It should be something that you are constantly practicing in your relationships with your parents, spouses, children, and friends.

It’s TOUGH to set boundaries!

It’s difficult to create new boundaries with friends and family in the process of building new habits and behaviours. Why? Because the people around you are used to your OLD habits. They might shrug your new behaviours off… “Oh, you’re just gonna go back to your old ways, so might as well skip your workout to hang with me”, or “Just have a slice, you can get back on your diet tomorrow…get over yourself… everyone eats pizza”, or “it’s only one beer, just have it.”

You might feel guilty about creating boundaries. Or maybe you worry about your friends and family thinking you are “holier than thou”. It’s extremely hard for anyone to resist an ice-cold beer, a few nachos, or a saucy rack of ribs right in front of you, regardless of the social pressure layered on top.

Here are a few tips for dealing with this pressure:

1) Remove yourself from the situation. Don’t go with friend you know will pressure you or bring a friend that will back you up. It’s ok to say “Peace out… I’m heading home”.

2) Prepare for a meal out. If you can plan ahead for your macro/calorie intake, why not enjoy it?

3) Allow yourself to enjoy a free meal. Anxiety, apprehension, and guilt can seriously impair your ability to enjoy an event you have been anticipating! Going over your calories or macros on occasion is OKAY! One meal doesn’t make someone obese just like one training session doesn’t make someone jacked.

4) Give yourself a solid pep talk. Remind yourself why you are committing to your goals. Simple thing like preparing what you are going to say to your friends or keeping a reminder on your phone as to why you are committed to your goals can be helpful. These may feel cheesy or cringey, yet they work.

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