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The Huberman Lab

Andrew Huberman is an American neuroscientist in the Department of Neurobiology at the Stanford University School of Medicine. (Imagine having that as your email signature)

I first heard about Andrew’s scientific research through his interview with Tim Ferris on the Tim Ferris Show Podcast titled “Optimizing Sleep, Enhancing Performance, Reducing Anxiety, Increasing Testosterone, and Using the Body to Control the Mind.

Now, I won’t go through the entire 2.5-hour episode for you.

However, I will encourage you to check out Huberman’s Instagram account, @hubermanlab, as he takes scientific knowledge of the highest degree (I’d say Stanford is pretty good, I mean I guess…), and communicates it into applicable tips, tricks, and understandable information for us non-PhD’s.

His recent posts include tools for focusing and ADHD, sleeping better, habits, breaking bad habits and eating habits, and many other topics.

He has also recently started his own podcast Huberman Lab. He may be a genius, but he’s not the most creative with names. Creative or not, he presents reliable, valid scientific information that can help us in our daily lives, it’s worth a listen/viewing!

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