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TESTIMONIAL - Success Isn't Always in the Weight Loss

Success isn’t always about weight loss.

It isn’t about the before and after “flabby then, shredded now”. Often the lasting change is the stuff you don’t see on the outside at all.

Carey and I worked together for 4 months.

We spent the first 3 months focusing on the following things:

✅ Breaking down the emotional response to food

✅ Establishing a better relationship with food

✅ Understanding the role food played in her life

✅ Learning to pay attention to physical cues like hunger and cravings

✅ Learning to pay attention to habitual and environmental cues like time of day eating, stress eating, and food choices

✅ Challenging previously held beliefs about food

✅ Practicing balance and moderation

Here’s what we DIDN’T discuss over the 3 months:

➡️ Weight loss

In our final month together, Carey began working back into tracking her macros, but this time from a more balanced mental and emotional approach. As a result, Carey is now able to focus on losing some body fat in a way that doesn’t trigger shame, panic, obsession, or stress.

It was a JOY working with Carey. If one thing is for sure, she put in the work!!!

And oh yeah… she’s also down 10 pounds, and is now working on eating to support strength gain. And she's feeling so good!


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