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Plan, Prepare, Perform

I’ve mentioned MANY times how meal prep is such a handy tool. And I sure as hell am not stopping now!

But this time, we’re going to explore more of the ‘why’ from a psychological perspective.

The use of meal prep is helpful for multiple reasons:

1) The action of meal prepping creates a sense of accomplishment towards your goals. It creates a sense of psychological ease because you’re following through on an action that is aligned with the pursuit of your larger goals.

2) When it comes time to eat, the choice is automatic. There’s no thinking, little-to-no in-the-moment prep, and it almost entirely removes the possibility of making something “quick” aka. less nutrient-dense or buying fast food on the go.

3) By sticking with your meal prep, you prime yourself for continued work on your goals during the week. You already have one thing done, so you are more likely to complete another task also associated with the pursuit of your goals.

Food prep is not simply for convenience of healthier or goal orientated meals, it has psychological effects that help you create and maintain consistency with your fitness and dietary goals.

I mean, BOOM! That’s meaningful stuff!

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