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Mindfulness is Hard

I thought this was an excellent article.

It helps to answer the question "why is mindfulness so difficult sometimes?”

We live in a "I want results now" type of culture. We put in A today, we want B tomorrow.

We want tangible results. We want something we can see. Something we can touch. Something we can measure.

We don't want to acknowledge our faults. Or spend time thinking about where we are falling short.

Taking time to be mindful… time to be calm and still…isn’t the magic pill that makes you feel amazing right away. Its impact is progressive and becomes more apparent over time and through consistency.

This article talks about setting expectations for intentional mindfulness. It gives tips on HOW to practice mindfulness.

And the beauty is that IT IS SO SIMPLE.

We, as humans, so typically try to make everything WAY more complicated than it needs to be.

Like anything else… if you start small with just a bit of slow breathing or some electronics-free time alone or out in nature, you might slowly start to see changes in the way you approach your days ahead.

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