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Living Life at Red Lights

Your fitness and nutrition journey, or ANY goal-driven journey for that matter, is a lot like traffic. You speed to get through the green lights and do anything you can to avoid the red lights.

You see others getting there faster… like the 1998 Corolla who rips through the yellow while you sit there like a chump at the red, wishing you had stepped on the gas too.

It can be slow and sometimes feel like you’re being re-routed back towards where you came from.

You try not to get frustrated, but sometimes you lose your cool, throw your hands up, let out a few f*cks while your kids call you out for cursing, and you slam your fists into the steering wheel.

Does cursing the reds make them change faster? Does beating up your steering wheel make your journey easier or less frustrating?

What might ultimately be best is to come to a completed stop at those red lights (or even the more infuriating yellows) and reflect on how long and windy the road actually is.

You will get to where we are going despite red lights. If you try to force through them, you get tickets.

Your ‘speeding tickets’ could be gaining weight back, dealing with injuries, hitting plateaus, struggling with emotional and mental pressures, or any other of a LONG list of things that block forward progress.

One of life’s inevitabilities is that red lights ALWAYS turn green, no matter how long it takes. When that happens, you carry on down the road and you don’t let that red light, now behind you, change how you move forward.

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