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Just Do It

Do you ever get paralyzed by a million choices? By feeling the pressure to make a choice? By needing to choose which action is the best? I do. Especially when faced with the gazillion choices in the fitness and nutrition industries.

“Paralysis by Analysis” is a common phrase. It’s like deciding what to watch on Netflix and sitting on the home screen for two hours because you can’t decide what to put on, ultimately going to bed without watching anything. I feel so damn frustrated when this happens!

The Nike t-shirts may be cliché, but there is power in their slogan.


But can it possibly be that easy?

So many choices! So much overwhelm!

“Well, this doesn’t build muscle”, “I don’t get much cardio with that”, “That workout is too long”, “That one is too short”, “I’m not good at that movement”, etc.

But also, sitting undecided doesn’t precisely SQUAT.

So, start with something you enjoy! Why start with something you absolutely hate, or something you feel like you “should” be doing when you likely won’t keep doing it anyways? And then you’re going to have to get yourself started all over again…. Uuuuuuuuugh.

Hate CrossFit but love Zumba? Dance your pants off!

Don’t like eating plain chicken and broccoli all the time? Try beef and asparagus with different spices and marinades!

If your friends and Instagram ads are recommending nutrition plans or fitness programs and you feel like the Grinch going through the phone book, “Hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, LOATH ENTIRELY”… THEN FOR THE LOVE OF PETE, DON’T CHOOSE THOSE!

Start with something you enjoy!

Too often you might feel you need to make the PERFECT choice before you even start, and then you end up doing nothing!

For now, start with an enjoyable activity that you look forward to, or at least that you don’t mind doing, rather than one you absolutely hate and won’t follow through on, just because it’s the “right” or “perfect” plan.

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