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"It's Just the Way I Was Built"

“I was just built that way" is either a fixed mindset, or it’s an excuse.

A fixed mindset says “this is the only way I can be so no real point in trying to be anything else”.

And it’s interesting… because I will be the first person to say “I sure as hell am no ballerina… I DEFINITELY wasn’t built that way.” I legit don’t feel as though I have the build to do it. BUT! I also don’t have a passion to do it. I don’t sit here WISHING I could be a ballerina but don’t because “I just wasn’t built that way.” If I had a passion for dance, I would find a way to pursue it.

Side note… I’m totally great with the fact that I’m not built like a ballerina. I love my body. I have tremendous appreciation for what ballerinas can do with their bodies! But I have tremendous appreciation for what my body can do too.

If your fixed mindset is holding you back, it IS something that you can work to change.

Small steps. Small choices.

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