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How to Respond When Your Kids Ask "Are You on a Diet?"

Kids are insanely perceptive.

They are also innately curious.

So when they see you doing something interesting like weighing, measuring, and logging food, or when they notice you eating differently than they eat, naturally they will wonder what you are doing and ask why.

Aaaaaaaalways WHY? “Why Mom? Mommy… why are you doing that? Mum. Mamma. Mummy. Mooooooommmmm.”

I don't know why or where our kids heard about "being on a diet". This is something that we never reference in our house. We always just talk about eating healthy and needing to give your body lots of different things to keep it strong.

Parents and kids alike are already under such tremendous pressure to look a certain way. That's why it's so important to reinforce a positive message about health and nutrition.

What kind of message are you sending to your kids if your response to “Mom, why are you doing that?” is “Because Mom is a fatty and needs to lose weight”?

Do everything you can to cultivate body positive messages!

This won't just benefit your kids. It will benefit you too. It's all about mindset.

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