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How to Get The Most Out of Your Workouts


Having killer workouts followed by a major lack of protein intake is like demolishing a building that you intend to rebuild, but only giving the construction workers a stapler, and some tape, and maybe some pushpins.

No concrete. No bricks. No screws. No nails.

Those construction workers are keen! The will is there! The desire is there! The team is ready to go. But they’ve got nothing to DO anything with.

Your body is the same.

In your workout, I’m sure you’ve done a great job at breaking down the muscle proteins with the hope of making yourself bigger and stronger and better the next day, but without proper protein intake, your muscles can’t repair efficiently or effectively. If they can’t do that, then they aren’t going to get stronger.

Period. The End.

Now here’s the thing. You can EASILY google how much protein you “should” have. Google will give you 2 million search results with a variety of answers.

But imma give it to you simply in ACTION FORM. Ready?

If you aren’t having SOMETHING at each meal that is predominantly a protein source, then start doing that.

(When I say “predominantly a protein source”, I mean not just something that has protein in it. Oatmeal has some protein, but it’s predominantly a carb.)

If you ARE doing that, however you aren’t having any snacks that contain a predominant protein source, then start doing THAT.

If you are doing both those things and still feel like you want to dial in your protein intake more, then that’s a great time to start using a tracking program like My Fitness Pal to determine more specifically how much protein you are getting each day.

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