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How to Get Off Autopilot and Stop Feeling Stuck

"Not Seeing Results? This One Mistake Could Be Keeping You Stuck" - by Erin Power

While I don't love the title of this article… because there is NEVER just one thing… the message is good.

The author talks about how running on autopilot with your standard routine and your daily habits and behaviours can lead to you feeling… just… STUCK.

Don’t get me wrong, autopilot can be great. It takes a lot of the mental and emotional energy required out of daily tasks. Which, I’m sure you would all agree, is a major plus when we are all just trying to get by at the moment.

But autopilot can also make life feel mundane, and unmotivating, and underwhelming, and unchanging.

It’s easy to forget that we actually have the power to control, and the power to CHANGE, the things that keep us on autopilot eat day.

Autopilot keeps your in your comfort zone. Your comfort zone is safe. It’s predictable. It’s easy. It required minimal additional energy output.

The author talks about making super small changes to your daily routine in an effort to bring some of those autopilot behaviours from your subconscious to your conscious brain. I love that. Because it feels good! It can give you a little burst of dopamine… a little rush of reward. Not a bad trade off for something as small as choosing to catch up on current world events online rather than mindlessly scrolling the gram when you have a free moment.

“Call BS on Your Excuses” is the author’s other piece of advice that speaks to me. I try to live by this and coach by this. It’s not “I can’t”… it’s “I’m choosing to not make that a priority.”

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