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How Success Looks Different

Don't be afraid, or discouraged, or shameful about having to reassess what success looks like right now.

If there was ever a time to cultivate self-compassion, that time is now.

If you were training hard for sport, maybe success now looks more like consistent daily movement with stretching and mobility work.

If you were on a strict nutritional protocol, maybe success now looks more like finding balance and enjoyment in the experience of mealtime.

If you were intent on running a tight ship at home with everything in its place, maybe success now looks more like letting go of high expectations.

If you used to pride yourself on your strict professionalism, maybe success now looks more like embracing common humanity when your dog and kids roam around in the background of a zoom call.

Let go of the reigns a bit and adapt to your environment through self-compassion and a reassessment of your picture of success.

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