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How Social Media Affects Your Insecurities

How to Use Social Media Without Feeling Insecure by Elice Max, Editor at ClothingRIC

While I really enjoyed reading this article, it does make me question whether it’s possible to NOT let insecurities creep in when scrolling the ‘gram…

This article didn’t tell me anything I didn’t already know.

I KNOW that social media is the highlight reel.

I KNOW it can make me feel as though I’m not enough.

I KNOW it hides what’s really happening in real life.

Yet, I still scroll. And, despite KNOWING the things above, the emotional creep still happens.

The tips in the article… tips like “Respect Yourself” and “Stop Chasing the Wrong Goal”, are great. But they are only great when you remember that they are a constant practice, not something that is only relevant at a single moment in time.

The more you can put those themes into practice, not JUST when scrolling on social media, but throughout your day, the less likely you are to be impacted by the self-questioning nature of the posts you see amid the scroll.

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