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How Do You Respond When I Ask You "Do You Love Your Body?"

"If you can answer: “YES"" to this question, “Do you love your body?”, then your road to change will be infinitely easier.

Answering “YES"" to this question is sort of like putting your shoes on the right feet. You are less likely to question your first step, because it's not uncomfortable. It doesn’t feel wrong.

Now compare this to answering “NO"" to my question…which, let's equate to putting your shoes on the wrong feet.

Your first step is going to be a struggle. And so is your second, and third, and so on. It will feel uncomfortable. You will question what feels wrong. You try walking a different way. You can't buy into the journey because it just doesn't feel right. You can only take so many steps before you have to stop. You can still make progress forward. But it still doesn't feel great.

There is a laundry list of things that might impact how you feel about your body. And moving from answering “NO"" to answering “YES” to my question likely won't happen overnight.

But starting the process by questioning why you feel the way that you do is a really great start."

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