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Hot to Find a Way to Make Fitness Stick

It’s not hard to view exercise as a “should do” or as “if I want to look a certain way, it’s something I have to do”.

I suspect a large percentage of people in our society see it exactly that way.

I consider myself fortunate in that I have found a form of fitness in CrossFit that I see as something that I GET to do, not something that I HAVE to do.

But why? Why do I feel the way that I do? I feel like this is a VERY important question…

✅ It allows me to prioritize what my body can do rather than how my body looks.

✅ It has allowed me to develop physical and mental strengths that I never really knew I had.

✅ It is something that @JoshLaforet and I can do together.

✅ I have made lifelong friends through the sport.

✅ I love the challenge.

✅ I love that every day is different.

✅ I don’t have to think or plan… I just show up and do what I’m told.

✅ I have met a whole world of amazing people who are supportive and encouraging.

✅ It has made me stronger for my other sports (mountain biking and skiing).

If I take these very specific things that I love about my sport, and zoom out and see how they fall within my values, this is what I get:

➡️ I value being able to live a judgement-free life. I don’t want to be judged based on my appearance and so I work hard to not judge others based on theirs.

➡️ I value having a growth mindset. I don’t believe anything in life is fixed. Skills and abilities are things that are developed, not innate.

➡️ I value a strong marriage with common bonds and time spent doing things we both enjoy together.

➡️ I value friendship and meaningful connection with others.

➡️ I value hard work.

➡️ I value spontaneity (while also valuing what routine has to offer… I believe they are mutually exclusive though)

➡️ I value trust and putting faith in others.

➡️ I value being able to try new things… how it nurtures my love of learning.

So when I look at it like that, it’s not a coincidence that I love CrossFit. I love it because it aligns with my values. It aligns with who I am… my identity. That’s powerful shit!!!

If you don’t feel like dragging yourself to the gym, then OMG DON’T! Figure out what you value!

If you love listening to music, find a way to be active while listening to music.

If you love social connection, join group fitness or find a friend to do something active with.

If you love team sports, join a beer league (you know… when there are beer leagues available to join… thanks Covid)

If you are goal oriented, then sign up for a race.

If you don’t love the thing you are doing… it’s not going to stick. So find a way to make it stick!

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