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Gratitude, Onions, and Resilience

"Practice Gratitude" has become a bit of a societal catch phrase.

We see it on the cover of notebooks, on coffee mugs, on t-shirts, and of course all over social media. #GratefulAlwaysForeverForEverythingEver

But practicing gratitude with intention is different than practicing the version of gratitude that you want others to see on social media.

Obviously there's not a bad kind of gratitude. But I do think that there are layers.

Kind of like Shrek... and his onion analogy. (If you don't know what I'm talking about then we can't be friends)

If you can find a reason to be grateful for something in the face of any situation, then your ability to be resilient will amaze you.

There is a reason people say to "practice" gratitude. There might not always be something obvious to be grateful for. But if you practice looking for those things, you might find that your perspective on life will evolve for the better.

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