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Gambles and Certainties

Life is a balance of gambles and certainties.

You may gamble on something big like a new job, or something small like watching a new TV show.

Sometimes gambles work out. You may LOVE your new job and look forward to it every day. Or you may want to jab your eye out with a pencil listening to your colleagues talk.

You may LOVE your new TV show and tell all your friends about it #TedLasso. Or you may think to yourself, “That’s an hour of my life I am never getting back”. #TheMaskedSinger

On the flip side of your gambles, you’ve got the day’s certainties. . I LOVE me some certainty… the comfort of knowing what to expect. Mmmmm, it’s like a warm blanket out of the dryer. Smother me in it.

This is one of life’s certainties – solid nutrition and physical exercise will make your body healthier. Period. The end.. There is no gambling here.

The mindset challenge here is that it’s not JUST about weight loss. You might be gambling on whether a specific nutrition and exercise plan is going to result in weight loss.

But there is no gamble to be made on whether eating better and moving more will result in more energy, better performance, and improved mood. That, my friend, is a certainty.

So, try out that new program, join that running group, or take a chance on a new nutrition and mindset coach *cough cough*….

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