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Fitness is About MORE Than Burning Calories

I think most people tend to perceive the main benefit of exercise as predominantly a way to burn calories. Food is calories in. Exercise is calories out. That’s it. It’s AAAAALLLL about the calories.

🚨The body is HELLA more complicated than that 🚨

There’s way less emphasis on other benefits like improving muscle mass which can result in a more balanced hormone profile. Increasing muscle mass also plays a large role in overall longevity.

Or what about cardiovascular health and decreasing the risks of chronic disease.

Or what about improved mood?

Try seeing exercise and movement as so much more than just a way to burn calories.

Expanding your mindset in this way is highly likely to increase motivation to get out and do things.

If all you are doing is thinking about exercise as a way to burn calories, then it’s way easier to justify not exercising because “well, I didn’t eat that much today, so I don’t really need to exercise“ or, the flip side of that is “I ate like shit today, so I really need to go for a workout”.

Believe me, that does not precipitate a healthy relationship with food OR exercise.

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