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Fitness - Easy Like Sunday Morning?

“Going to The Gym” is often synonymous with requiring maximum effort.

Every step… SO much effort. From prepping your stuff for the gym, to having the discipline to go, to sacrificing something else that you could be doing instead.

But WHY?

Let’s challenge this perception.

Online businesses, namely Amazon (or Katazon as @joshlaforet likes to call it), has “Easy Like Sunday Morning” dialed TF in! They KNOW that the more steps it takes you to process your purchase, the less likely you are to complete that purchase.

Enter “one click ordering”. Boom. Amazon continues to take all my money. And I am poor now. But also, so happy with all my Amazon purchases.

Do for your fitness regime what Amazon has done for making it OH-SO-EASY to spend your money.

Tired in the morning? Lay out your clothes and shoes and gym bag and water bottle the night before and put them on your bathroom counter. Now, since that’s the first thing you see in the morning, at that critical moment where ANY additional barrier is enough to derail you, you have removed multiple steps.

It’s small… but it’s MIGHTY.

“The grind” doesn’t have to be a grind! It doesn’t need to be this hard-fought dedication in order to follow through. Make it easier! Remove steps! Make your process obvious and easy.

Create your own one-click to getting to the gym and getting going.

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