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F&ck This Sh!t

You can be pissy, and grumpy, and f&cking angry and hate the world in its entirety while being productive.

Being in this emotional state usually doesn’t do much to offset the all or nothing mindset… the “I hate the world today so I’m taking myself down too” mindset.

But pssssst… you CAN still be productive while feeling all those emotions too.

“I’m too pissed off to go to the gym… I don’t even CARE!!”. Sound familiar at all? As if you’re really sticking it to the WORLD by not going to the gym?

You can scream your way through that bicep curl or bite your lip while you run.

You’re not going to feel like going and it might even make you angrier, but that’s allowed.


Getting this done will help with lowering your stress and frustration that you feel from other parts of your day.

You will feel better after, you’ve heard that before. Just try it as your own little experiment. Give it a try after a shitty, awful day.

Check this off your list instead of avoiding it because avoiding it could just add more stress onto your plate.

Let me know how it goes.

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