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Cultivate a Strong Mental Game

It absolutely sucks feeling like you have no control over your future. Or even over your now.

Sucks isn’t even the right word…

It’s terrifying. It’s belittling, It’s heartbreaking. It’s angering. It’s beyond frustrating.

I have done my fair share of venting about how brutal this situation is. And venting, 100%, has its place.

Sometimes you just need to get it off your chest. Because it feels heavy and unbearable. And you need someone to empathize with you.

But after you're done getting it off your chest, you have to DO something. Because sitting there continuing to vent, every day, over and over, lamenting about the current dumpster fire isn't helping your mental game. In fact, it can be doing far more hard than good.

When I say “DO something”, it's not really the physical outcome of the “doing” that you're after. It’s the mental one. It's cultivating the belief that you still have a choice over something. You still have influence over something. You still have control over something.

You have the choice to speak kind words to yourself and others. You have control over eating food that nourishes the body. You have a choice to be grateful for the small things. You have influence over the mood of others in your inner circle through positive (or negative) energy.

I’m not saying it’s easy… because LAAAAWWWD we ALL know that nothing feels easy right now.

But it’s still a choice that you have.

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