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Check Out Ethan Suplee's Story

I was chatting with one of my clients recently… someone who has undergone his own incredible journey of significant weight loss. He asks me “You know Ethan Suplee?”.

I said that I did not. He replies “Yeah you do”, and sends me the pic of Ethan in his football uniform in one of my ALL TIME favourite movies, Remember the Titans. Ethan has an exceptional story of weight loss, nutrition, psychology, and addiction.

Ethan has also been in other movies like American History X and TV shows like My Name is Earl, always playing the significantly overweight dude.

Ethan has been through a crazy journey with his weight loss, fitness, nutrition, and mental health.

He has gone from 550 lbs, to losing hundreds of pounds, and then going back up again… multiple times! His journey is incredible from overcoming his addictions, to cycling for 8 hours a day to get to 200 lbs (extremely low for his 6’7’ frame) and realizing he wasn’t happy, to where he is now (270 lbs of mean muscle).

Ethan owns his story loud and proud. I’m glad my client introduced me to his podcast, American Glutton. It’s refreshing to hear him share his own experience with the psychology of losing weight, and to share his honest and raw journey so openly; to be so vulnerable about his struggles. His story also demonstrates of the extreme highs and lows that some people face in life.

You can find interviews with Ethan and his journey on podcasts including Modern Wisdom, The Joe Rogan Experience, and Mark Bell’s Power Project.

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