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Are You a Fortune Teller?

I like to be right as much as the next person. Ok… maybe more. I really love being right.

It’s possible that I derive pleasure from telling my kids, “I told you so” when I think things are going to go sideways when they do something dumb, and then sideways it goes.


When it comes to nutrition, and fitness, and LIFE… you DON’T know what’s coming. You don’t have a crystal ball. This is a legit bias in your brain.

Like when you step up to the barbell and think “If I try this lift, I won’t make it, I’ll drop it and fall on my face”.

And then you fail the lift. And then you say, “I knew it”.

Unless… wait... maybe you DO have the ability to tell the future! Please tell me… do I ever win the lottery? Will Ryan Reynolds ever respond to my messages?

Or… perhaps you went in with the wrong mindset. You decided you weren’t going to make the lift before you even tried.

If you can actually tell the future, I’d love to know.

Until then, try not to make assumptions about how something is going to turn out before giving it a try.

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