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If the last 12 months have left you low on motivation and high on muffin-top, then listen up…


This is your chance to start turning things around.  A little kick-start, if you will…


I mean, DAMN, things have been rough this year.  But summer is still coming and I bet you want to be able to live your best outdoor life, get a sweet tan, and rock your body with confidence (and maybe with a little less muffin-top).


So, here’s what’s up:


The first thing I want to emphasize is that this is NOT a crash diet.  This is NOT about restricting yourself from all delicious food.  This is not about living on chicken, rice, and broccoli for six weeks.


The “MACROS” part of the Macros & Mindset Challenge is about learning how much of what types of food your body actually needs and then practicing how to incorporate those foods into your daily nutrition.


Learn what your body needs to:


>> Build strong muscles and bones


>> Have the energy to get through your day


>> Effectively manage daily stressors


>> Get better quality sleep


>> Improve your digestion


>> Sustainably lose body fat


Your body is an amazing machine.  It was built to do incredible things.  Sometimes it’s easy to forget that when we are stuck inside our homes and staring into the mirror at that bit of extra jiggle.


This is where the “MINDSET” part of the Macros & Mindset Challenge comes into play.


Mindset is so incredibly important when it comes to health, nutrition, body transformation, and sustainable change.


Let me show you what I mean:


You likely hold certain beliefs about what your body “should” look like, but how much thought do you give to WHY you believe what you do?


Do you spend time considering and questioning the expectations that you have for yourself when it comes to your body, your lifestyle, and your nutrition?


Maybe you feel that body confidence will come once you “lose a few pounds”, but have you ever considered that building confidence doesn’t need to be contingent on losing weight?


Have you ever challenged the language that you use when it comes to your body or your nutrition? 

Do any of these sound familiar:

  • “I was so bad this week”

  • “That food is so bad for you”

  • “This is my cheat meal”

  • “I worked out hard so I deserve this food”


Five minutes of mindset work a day is a great way to challenge the perceptions and practices that may not be serving you in working towards your goals and living a happy and balanced lifestyle.


So, what’s included in the Macros & Mindset Challenge


>> Initial consult call to discuss your personal goals


>> Personalized macronutrient and caloric targets to align with your goals


>> Direction and guidance on how to track macros without the overwhelm


>> Bi-weekly accountability group Zoom calls


>> Weekly educational resources to help you achieve balance with your nutrition and mindset


>> Bi-weekly individual check-ins via Voxer


>> Access to the private Macros & Mindset Challenge Facebook group


>> Your GO-TO Challenge Guide with frequently asked questions to all things Macros & Mindset


The cost is $197 + GST


If you have questions, I’d love to connect with you!  Send me an email at

Or schedule a 15-Minute Zero Pressure Video Consult.


Or if you are ready to kick start your Macros & Mindset, then REGISTER HERE!

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