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  • You are struggling to achieve balance between healthy nutrition and eating the foods you enjoy

  • You don’t know how much food you should eat to work towards your goals

  • You’re not feeling your best but you don’t know what you need to change

  • You’re sick of the fad diets and just need something that fits your lifestyle

  • You’re looking for a sustainable way to lose fat

  • You want to feel more confident about the nutrition choices you make

  • You need accountability to help you stick to a plan

  • You want to change your mindset about your nutrition and lifestyle

  • You feel stuck in the same habits that are getting you nowhere 

  • You’re overwhelmed with everything, so you end up doing nothing


  • Learn the optimal range of calories and protein intake for your unique needs (not some generic online calculator!)

  • Learn how to track your nutrition intake to get relevant and actionable information about how to fuel your body optimally 

  • Learn how to rev up your metabolism and optimize your hormones

  • Learn how to include things like alcohol, sugar, and take-out into a balanced weekly intake (that’s right… you CAN drink wine in this challenge!)

  • Get equipped with strategies to break the vicious cycle of dieting

  • Get reliable and science-based information that you can trust (no more trying to decipher fact from fiction online)

  • Break down all-or-nothing thinking like this: “I already messed up, so screw it, I’m eating and drinking everything in sight”

  • Learn how mindfulness, movement, sleep, and water factor into a healthy body and lifestyle


On the nutrition side, we are going to be tracking daily calories and protein intake using MyFitnessPal.  Every person will receive personalized targets unique to their goals.


If you have never tracked macros/calories before, DO NOT FEAR. This is an amazing learning opportunity and LOTS of support will be provided.


If you have experience with tracking food, then awesome!  This is a perfect opportunity to re-calibrate your eyeballs to what an optimal quantity of food for your body looks like.

I have also added a habit-based challenge stream for those challengers who are not interested in weighing, measuring, and logging food using a tracking app.


We will also be using daily accountability checks for sleep, exercise, non-exercise activity (steps), mindfulness/meditation/breathing, veggie intake, and hydration.


I have made it INSANELY EASY to complete your daily accountability.  Just 30 seconds at the end of your day.  


And here’s a fun fact for you… Accountability and Consistency Get Results.  Period.  The End.


Notice I said “consistency” and not “perfection”?

That's the anthem for this challenge... strategize to be consistent, not perfect.


  • Personalized calorie and protein targets tailored to your unique goals and for your unique body OR a habit-based check-in form to increase mindfulness and track high-value habits

  • ​Bi-weekly personal check-ins via Telegram, a free messaging app

  • Three 30-minute group Zoom calls where we discuss hot topics like nutrition, exercise, mindset, hormones, sleep, stress, and whatever else you want to talk about!

  • ​A private Facebook group for connecting and sharing with other members participating in the challenge

  • An online and real-time PERSONAL challenge leaderboard that automatically tracks your progress based on your daily check-ins... the only person who sees your points is you!

  • A complete challenge guidebook with resources to help with food choices, tracking tips, nutritional facts, and more

  • Tons of recipes with options for high protein eats, nutritious carbs, one-pot meals, quick and delicious snacks, and more

  • Weekly “Check Your Mindset” emails to challenge your current practices and perceptions as you pursue sustainable physical change

  • A pre- and post-challenge InBody body composition scan - this shows how your body composition (fat, muscle, and water) changes over a period of 6 weeks** 

**available for an extra fee


The cost for this 6-week Macros & Mindset Challenge is $197.


And believe me… you get WAY more value than what you pay for. 


If you are interested, you can add a pre- and post- challenge InBody Body Composition scan for $30 (two scans… one price…that’s less than half the normal InBody scan price) during the registration process** 


Just think - this could be the kickstart to a more energetic you… a more rested you… a more confident you… a stronger you.


If you have questions, I’d love to connect with you!  Send me an email at

Or schedule a 15-Minute Zero Pressure Video Consult.


**InBody scan is only available in Calgary, AB.

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