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Nutrition Lifestyle and Mindset challenge guide book

Group challenges can be one of the MOST effective ways to kick start your motivation to make some real impactful change in your life… so why not grab a group of people and get motivated and progress together?!


Whether you want to host a corporate wellness challenge, a challenge for gym members, or a challenge among a group of family or friends, I would love to help you facilitate that.



  1. Nutrition – balancing micronutrient and caloric intake

  2. Exercise – increasing daily physical movement and getting active

  3. Hydration – drinking enough water daily to support optimal health

  4. Sleep – giving your body the rest and recovery that it needs

  5. Mindset practice – daily mindset work to increase mindfulness about your own beliefs and attitudes towards your body and overall health and wellness


My vision and goal for facilitating a challenge is to give all challengers the opportunity to not just learn and practice different habits and behaviours to increase wellness, but also to encourage challengers to apply the knowledge and principles acquired during the challenge to life BEYOND the challenge.


That’s why these are NOT weight loss challenges.  These are not challenges based on restriction and deprivation from foods and drinks that you love.  This is about learning balance and moderation in order to achieve health, wellness, and body composition goals.  It’s about creating healthy habits and a sustainable lifestyle.



Here are the key reasons why group challenges are so effective:


ACCOUNTABILITYIt can be extremely difficult to hold yourself accountable to the habits and behaviors that are necessary in order to achieve your goals.  Especially on days when you are short on willpower, energy, patience, or sleep!


Knowing that you have someone else to answer to at the end of the day can give that extra push you need.  After all, we are far more tolerant of our own excuses than someone else will be.


ENCOURAGEMENT Knowing that you have someone else (or a GROUP of someone elses!) in your corner provides tremendous external motivation.  We need people to remind us that we are doing a great job or to give us a little push when we are having an off day.  We need others to help us celebrate our victories because, true to the human condition, we often overlook our own victories, large and small, which can be detrimental to forward progress.


SUPPORT – It’s very powerful knowing that others are working on the same thing at the same time.  The feeling that you’re not alone in your journey provides both intrinsic and external motivation to carry on.  A group challenge creates a sense of community built on a common goal which, in itself, nurtures a supportive environment ripe for personal transformation.


SOCIAL CONNECTION Humans are biologically wired for connection.  Introverts and extroverts alike, we all benefit from social connection, especially when there are common goals at play.  Building new social connections decreases anxiety, stimulates the pleasure center in the brain, and improves concentration and focus (among a long list of other benefits).  These physiological responses further support productivity and creativity, both of which are useful in executing the daily habits necessary during a challenge.


DIRECTION Figuring out where to start can be the biggest barrier to progress.  Starting something new can be overwhelming and can lead to frustration, anxiety, and procrastination.  This challenge takes ALL the thinking out of starting.  Each challenger receives a complete guide to getting started, multiple additional resources such as food lists and recipes, as well as virtual group support to answer any questions that come up over the course of the challenge.


Group challenges typically run for 6-8 weeks.  There are various challenge elements that can be customized based on the goals, structure, and size of the group.


Challenge pricing starts at $150 per person.  Pricing varies based on customized elements as well as challenge duration.


I would love to answer any questions you have about running a group challenge.

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