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My Story

I am a competitive CrossFitter, a wife, and a mom of two. I live an active lifestyle, spending my weekends skiing in the winter and mountain biking in the summer.


My athletic pursuits have led me to value the importance of nutrition to support performance, recovery, balance, and lifestyle.


My experience and involvement in the CrossFit community has influenced my drive to work with recreationally active individuals and competitive athletes who seek nutritional guidance and accountability.

I believe that health, wellness, happiness, and vitality is a daily evolution.  It doesn't just happen - it takes focus, awareness, drive, and determination.  I also believe that the result is self-confidence and personal gratification.


*Precision Nutrition Level 1

*ISSA (International Sports Sciences Association) Sports Nutrition

*CrossFit Level 1 Trainer 

Personalized Nutrition, Mindset, and Lifestyle Coaching


Nutrition, Mindset, and Lifestyle Coaching is personal.  It’s different for everyone because everyone is different.  This one-on-one coaching program will dial in on your individual habits, lifestyle, choices, and behaviours.  We will work together to determine what’s holding you back from achieving your goals, as well as identify your unique personal strengths (everyone has them!) that we can leverage to drive progress.

Couples Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching


Not only is change easier when you are doing it with a partner…it can also be more motivating. With the couples coaching program, we will identify individual goals and then discuss household habits, behaviors, and choices to support you and your partner. 

Once unique differences and common goals are identified, a customized plan can help you and your partner support each other as you both work towards your goals.

Meal Planning


Customizable meal plans take the guesswork out of preparing healthy food.  Every meal plan is built to suit food preferences or dietary restrictions, family size, time available for meal prep, and specific macro quantities.

Provided with each meal plan:

  • A Complete Grocery List

  • Recipes

  • A Nutritional Breakdown Per Meal

  • Allowances for Leftovers

Fitness Programming

from $100/month

A personalized program can help you improve your fitness in areas that you need it most.  Customized programs can be designed for any of the following:

Strength and Resistance Training

Cardio and Conditioning


Power Lifting





I consulted with Kat last year, and the results have been great! She took her knowledge and experience and totally changed the way I view fuelling up. At first, it seemed counter intuitive to eat more and reach your goals, but I did, and I hit all my targets. The best lesson I learned was accountability, eating the macros my body needs, rather than eating out of boredom or depression. Kat is the best, I owe her a lot.

Since working with Kat, I have lost an additional 15 lbs. and set my personal best Ironman time of 14:08:16. 

Keith Payne, 7-time Ironman Athlete, CrossFitter, Age 55


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